RACE DATES 2018, Sponsorship


Aaron Alexander #38



Racing #38

Honda 200cc Extreme Cadet



With your help we want to




Kart stickers with your company logo.

Signed framed picture.

Race Day Hospitality.

Only £395

for each Championship round meeting


S = Sponsored

Podium position

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Shenington Dates

April 7th & 8th S 2nd

May 6th & 7th 2nd

June 2nd & 3rd 2nd

July No Meeting

August 4th & 5th S 3rd

September 1st & 2nd 1st

October 13th & 14th

November 3rd & 4th


Stretton Dates

March 10th & 11th S 4th E/F

March 31st & April 1st S 1st

May 12th & 13th 1st

June 9th & 10th 4th

July 7th & 8th 3rd

August No Meeting

September 8th & 9th 1st

October 6th & 7th 1st

November 10th & 11th

December 8th & 9th

January 12th & 13th

February 9th & 10th


Teesside Dates

February 24th & 25th S 1st

March 24th &25th S 1st

April 21st & 22nd 1st

May 19th & 20th 2nd

June No Meeting

July 21st & 22nd S 2nd

August 25th & 26th 1st

September 29th &30th 1st

October 27th

Double header

October 28th


Rowrah Dates

April 28th & 29th 1st

June 30th & July 1st 1st

July 28th & 29th S 1st

September 15th & 16th 1st

November 17th &18th



Please contact us through the website contact page.



Thank You to my friends and family for there help, support and kind donations.

Chris Levy Racing

Mark & Svetlana

Wendy & Peter

Jan & Anita

David & Nicole


And a big thank you to our 2018 Sponsorsso far.

The Modernizer.com

Best@Bars Kings Lynn

24-7 Self Store Kings Lynn



Aaron Alexander Racing