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Cadet Team Kart Opportunities

Honda 200 Extreme Project One Cadet Race Kart with Training & Coaching for Parent & Child aged 9 – 13.

Training given by the 2018 Honda Cadet 200 Extreme Championship winning team

Aaron Alexander & Adam Alexander #38

Team Opportunities

AA Racing are looking for two team drivers to compete in the 2020 IKR sprint Championships

We will provide the Project One race kart and build it to suit the driver.

The kart will be fully maintained - stored - transported by the AA Racing team.

All the driver has to do is turn up at the circuit with own personal race/saftey gear.


Contact us and book test day to advance further,

Venues Available: PF International - Teesside - Shennington

2020 Championships 

Teesside Summer Series

Prices start from £275 for one full championship weekend.

For More Information

Contact Adam Alexander - AA Racing 07974727478 or use the website

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Tommas Potters dream comes true as he will be driving a Cadet kart in the 2020 championships with the AA Racing team using Aaron's Race number 38.

AA Racing Project One Race Karts

IMG_0819 Hire Kart
IMG_0820 Hire Karts


Teesside 2020 Fixed Dates

Middlesbourgh TS6 6XH

For More Information & Prices or how to book a Test/Practice day


Adam Alexander 

AA Racing

07974 727478

or use the website

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The Meaning of Race flags must be understood.

Flags will be brought up again in the induction.

Important Information

Drivers must have their own protective race gear

Race Suit, Helmet, Gloves & Suitable footwear.

Rib Protector ( Not a must but highly Recommended )

Neck Brace ( Not a must but highly Recommended )


Children must be between the ages of 9 – 13 and accompanied by a Parent/Guardian.


Children must already have some experience driving a corporate kart or their own kart.


Driver’s parents are responsible for any damage caused to the race karts which is not classed as wear and tear.


The AA racing team provide high class race karts but still the child’s Parent/guardian has to sign a disclaimer/Indemnity and take responsibility for their child’s safety.

All  karts are checked over before the child goes out on to the circuit.

All checks are ticked of on a check sheet, signed by Parent/Guardian and a AA Racing team member, ( part of the training for the Parent/Guardian )


Adam Alexander – AA Racing holds the right to refuse a child a drive in the kart at any time if the child is not listening, not dressed properly, not paying attention or driving dangerously.

Contact us for AA Racing Risk assessment and Indemnity paperwork.